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The Wireless Infrastructure market has reached its equilibrium

December 2021

LightCounting releases its 3Q21 Wireless Infrastructure Market Size, Share, and Forecast.

The 2 opposite spheres of influence, China versus the West and its allies, are becoming more balanced. This means the corresponding wireless infrastructure markets of the respective 2 spheres are running at full speed, are essentially fueled by 5G RAN, and lead to decelerating growth. In other words, the low single digit cruise regime has been attained and was not significantly affected by supply-chain issues, which we found are an inherent part of this new equilibrium. As a result, the global wireless infrastructure market stayed almost flat sequentially but grew 10% YoY, 5G RAN and open vRAN (mostly 4G) were the only 2 segments posting sequential growth. It’s worth mentioning that in mobile core networks, Mavenir joined the 5G core leaderboard.

“On the one hand, the diminishing presence of Ericsson and Nokia in China is offset by an accumulation of 5G contract wins in Europe. On the other hand, China is self-sustained and Huawei and ZTE continue to receive a significant boost from their domestic market that offset mounting losses seen in Europe. All of this leads to a wireless infrastructure market equilibrium, also characterized by a growing 5G market offsetting a slightly declining 4G one and does not change the global vendor ranking.” said Stéphane Téral, Chief Analyst at LightCounting Market Research.

Despite C-band delays in the U.S., global supply-chain issues, and another wave of COVID-19 infections in Europe, neither our 2021 sales forecast nor our long-range forecasts have changed since our 2Q21 update, when both were raised—we kept all explanations in this report. As a result, the global wireless infrastructure market growth stayed intact at 5% over 2020 and growing 4% in 2022.

More information on the report is available at: Market Reports

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