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Layer123 Reunion Congress: ETSI ZSM takes centerstage with Nokia and Telefónica

May 2022

For a change, after 2 years of virtual events, Layer123 pulled off its Reunion in person (April 26-28) and that was a great accomplishment, along with the venue shift to the South in Madrid from the typical gig at The Hague in Holland. However, we can say that not everyone felt comfortable to come back in person as COVID-19 continues to hit and surprise people every day and as a result, the attendance was lower than usual.

Meanwhile, this did not prevent ETSI ISG ZSM Chairman Diego R. López of Telefónica, the event host, and Vice Chair Nurit Sprecher of Nokia from delivering a comprehensive state of the art view of ETSI’s Zero-touch network and Service Management (ZSM) initiative in a one-day ETSI ZSM Forum held on April 26. It clearly showed significant progress in a complex environment characterized by many moving parts coming from various organizations. And my thanks to Nokia for having me speak about lessons learned so far with ZSM and chair the end of the day panel about the journey towards ZSM.

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