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ZTE’s 5G Summit & User Congress 2022 at Lago Maggiore, Italy

November 2022

By Stéphane Téral

Glad I made the “quick” roundtrip to Stresa, an elegant resort town on Italy’s Lago Maggiore, one of the country’s largest lakes, surrounded by the greatest Alpine splendor. In fact, the journey starts with the clear sky flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Milan Linate airport that provides an unbeatable view of the majestic Alps. Congratulazioni Team ZTE!

Due to the pandemic, 2019 in Vienna, Austria, was the last time and place where ZTE held this customer/user-focused event. For the first time this year, a selected roster of analysts was invited. It was a 2-day event with the first day packed with presentations and panels from a mix of ZTE executives, communications service provider (CSP) customers such as CETIN, Hutchinson Drei Austria, Veon, and WindTre, partners like Intel, GSMA speakers and others. The second day was split between the RAN User Congress for ZTE’s CSP customers and an analyst summit focused on ZTE products ranging from RAN to core networks for us, the analysts in attendance.

Obviously, 5G was the topic du jour along with the need for more energy savings across the board, and the potential of private 5G wireless networks. In addition, the need to safeguard the Internet was presented as critical to increase its usage while connecting the 3.6B people covered by mobile broadband who remain offline, according to the GSMA. Overall, the launch of ZTE’s shiny new mini 5G core (Mini5GC) for private wireless networks was the highlight of the show.

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