Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler

Analyst at Large

Bob Wheeler is an independent industry analyst covering semiconductors and networking for more than two decades. In addition to his Analyst-at-Large role at LightCounting, he is principal analyst at Wheeler’s Network, where his recent focus areas include Ethernet switching, DPUs, CPO, chiplets, CXL, and other leading-edge data-center technologies. Previously, Wheeler was Vice President of The Linley Group and principal analyst for networking, as well as a senior editor for Microprocessor Report. He coauthored dozens of book-length reports covering Ethernet and other communications chips. He joined The Linley Group in 2001 after a brief stint as an independent consultant.
Prior to becoming an analyst, Wheeler was division marketing manager for the Network Products Division of AMD. He was responsible for marketing local area network (LAN) products including Ethernet and wireless LAN controllers and transceivers. Previous roles included head of operations for a technology startup and engineering manager at a manufacturer of PC peripheral products. Wheeler spent the early part of his career as a software engineer, including seven years at microcomputer pioneer North Star Computers. He has also been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1983, gaining experience in radio frequency design and techniques.

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