Stelyana Baleva

Stelyana Baleva

Principal Analyst

As a market research professional with more than 18 years of telecommunications industry research and product marketing experience, Mrs. Baleva is currently focused on analyzing and tracking the wireless infrastructure market, 5G radio access networks and core networks, 5G service-based architecture and network automation, and network disaggregation, as part of LightCounting Market Research analyst team.

In 2011, Mrs. Baleva started with Infonetics Research, which was acquired by IHS Markit Technology and now part of Informa Tech through acquisition in 2019, where she contributed to numerous syndicated research reports in the area of telecom network equipment and cloud and data center networks. At Informa Tech (Omdia), Mrs. Baleva continued her research on the mobile infrastructure market and tracked service provider VoIP and IMS equipment. During her career at IHS Markit, Mrs. Baleva also served as a Research and Analysis Manager, leading a team of research analysts that guaranteed the top-notch quality and timeliness of research products delivered to the clients.

Prior to joining the telecommunications industry, Mrs. Baleva was a business analyst at Hewlett-Packard and a research analyst at a private consulting company, Life Science Strategy Group, where she delivered quantitative and qualitative analysis to support strategic business decisions. Prior to that, over the course of seven years, Mrs. Baleva worked as a Marketing Manager, leading marketing campaigns and establishing brands for L'Oreal dermatological products in Bulgaria.

Mrs. Baleva holds MBA from San Jose State University, California, United States, and has a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics both from Sofia University, Bulgaria.

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