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August 2021 IBM showcases its chip design & processor prowess

August 2021


LightCounting releases a new research note regarding IBM’s latest semiconductor advancements. There was a time when IBM had one of the most valuable brands in the world, that title now belongs to Apple and IBM is ranked 24th according to Forbes’ 2020 List of the World’s Most Valuable Brands. This hasn’t deterred IBM from continuing to introduce new solutions; for example, since last year it has made several upgrades to its server systems and processors portfolios. IBM’s recent portfolio enhancements, including its POWER10 central processing unit (CPU), 2-nanometer chip technology, and Telum Processor, are expected to produce noticeable long-term benefits to the company and its customers: • As the latest chip technologies get integrated into IBM solutions like its Power System servers, IBM Z and LinuxONE mainframes, customers will be able to reap the benefits of better energy efficiency, enhanced security, and faster data processing. • IBM’s status within both the data center equipment and semiconductor industries will continue to rise as it demonstrates its chip design expertise. IBM’s use of the latest technologies like 2 nanometer chip design techniques and on-chip artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators will be instrumental in it delivering innovate solutions to the market. IBM is an established player in the data center equipment industry where its z15 mainframe servers have a well-defined client base which largely consists of banks and government entities. Yet, IBM’s presence in the data center market isn’t limited to server systems: what is less known is that IBM designs its own server silicon. The reason why IBM’s server chips are not well known is because they are used exclusively within IBM’s own Power System solutions. IBM’s research labs have been very active and continue to introduce innovative products for its silicon portfolio, as illustrated by its recent announcements. LightCounting subscribers can access the full text of this research note by logging into their online accounts.


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