Research Note

May 2023 Connect (X) Exposed the U.S. Ambivalence of Open RAN

May 2023


by Stéphane Téral

It was great to spend time in the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA for a few days May 8-10, a place where everyone takes it easy and tries to enjoy every moment life has to offer. That’s also the place where the Wireless Industry Association held its successful Connect (X) (Connectivity Expo) exhibition and conference. As expected, all topics—economic, societal, technical, and political—related to U.S. connectivity were tackled through a mix of plenary and keynote sessions with marquee speakers. Open RAN was one of the most covered and debated topics across the board and was approached with curiosity by some and serious attention by others. Overall, the situation can be summed up as follows: while open RAN is sexy, it can also be ugly!

Before you dive in, it's worth mentioning that I participated in the "Surviving the Cloud’s Disruption to the Telco Business Model” panel, an analysis written by Martha DeGrasse can be found here

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