July 8, 2020

Nokia elevates its vRAN and open RAN legacy

July 7, 2020, Nokia announced the acceleration of the availability of its open RAN technology by ramping up the adoption of Open RAN (O-RAN) interfaces in its AirScale portfolio, which follows a recent launch of the next generation of its AirScale Cloud RAN portfolio. All of this means Nokia is ready to offer a full quiver of virtual and open RAN products and services.


Nokia did not become a serious vRAN and open RAN contender overnight by being forced to by current geopolitical forces. RAN disaggregation and re-integration make the foundation of who the company is today; it’s part of its legacy. Among the top 5 traditional RAN players left in the marketplace today, Nokia is the unique product of a vast consolidation that has ravaged the telecom industry since the dot com bubble burst in 2000. And that puts Nokia in a unique and enviable position as this wave of consolidation is just about to pay off.

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